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Not getting replies?
Not getting replies?
Why are some of my messages still "unread"?
Written by Wesley Eames
Updated over a week ago

If you're wondering about messages you sent that are still "unread", you might have questions about what we do to ensure you have the best chance of getting replies.

Here is how our messaging and notification system works:

When you send a message to someone, we immediately send them notifications via Email and via mobile Push—if they have not disabled these notifications. Because we fully understand the preference that folks receive prompt replies to their messages, we send 2 more reminder notifications 2 and 5 days after the original message to encourage folks not to leave others hanging. When you like or message someone, our Email notifications include your primary photo and your most basic profile information (Name, age, location, and a snippet of your "About me"). Most members use these emails to determine whether they would like to complete the connection, or not. 

Opening our email notifications does not mark your message "read". Only logging in and viewing the new message inside the MeetMindful App or website will mark the message as "read".

In other words, MeetMindful does everything we can within reasonable expectations of privacy and preferences for all of our community members, but we cannot force members to enable notifications, nor control how often members of our community attend to their pending activity, and, unfortunately—while we are working on features like a "graceful decline"—we cannot force others to respond to all of their messages when they are not interested.

When it comes to making new connections on any dating site—for the best chance of success and to avoid frustration over wasted time—we encourage our members to write thoughtful but brief (2-3 sentence) opening messages to those you're interested in, with a greeting, a note about what interests you in their profile, and most importantly: a question! This gives your recipient an easy opportunity to respond in kind.

Please note: we do not allow fake profiles on MeetMindful. Rather, we remove hundreds of profiles each week based on anything our team (or our robots) find fishy.

We hope you hear back from your matches soon.

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