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Why isn’t this free
Why isn’t this free
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Most people don’t wear their commitment to mindfulness and personal growth on their sleeve, so it can be tough to find your people out there. 

Our community, though, is one of transparency, authenticity, and curiosity—and we self-select for people who are not only willing to share their values, but prioritize it. 

Compatibility can be the hardest thing about dating. We make this part easy.


Cultivating an intentional community that upholds values of integrity and authenticity doesn’t happen overnight. We focus on targeted marketing and sensitive community management to help build and maintain a specific community. Your support directly enables us to foster this service. 

As a small startup that’s growing fast, we hope to provide more and more features for free. Stay tuned!


Our members repeatedly tell us that financial investment is a powerful symbol of their intentionality and commitment to this process. The act of investing in your intention financially is a way of investing in yourself and in your future partner. Think of it as a signal to the Universe that you’re committed to the journey.

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