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There are so many amazing perks when Upgrading to Premium on MeetMindful. 

As a Premium member you're allowed unlimited daily profiles—and with that comes unlimited likes. YES! You can also message with anyone, no need to wait for mutual likes, which can really help get the conversations flowing. With Premium, you can view everyone who has “liked” you, which means more control over your account and the advantage of seeing who is already interested. That’s a great way to get ahead! 

Another advantage of Premium is the freedom to be selective. Tap into advanced search filters and be more intentional in your search experience.

When browsing potentials, you can also access browse mode on desktop—this allows you the opportunity to see more than one face at a time. To use this feature, though, make sure you’re logged into MeetMindful on desktop. 

If you want to take even more control of your browsing experience, you can also go Private as a Premium member. This feature, only available to Premium members, is helpful if you want to browse the community anonymously, if you prefer to be the one to make the first move, or if you'd like to ensure you don’t have less desirable matches reaching out if you. There's nothing wrong with being particular ;)   

Our Premium community also has exclusive access to the Second Look feature. This feature will allow you to revisit profiles you've previously hidden if you've second guessed any decisions you've made. 

The last important perk to Premium is Priority Support. The MeetMindful Support Team loves working one-on-one with the community. Priority Support means you get to jump the line. We’ll do our best to get back to you and your specific needs personally within one business day.

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