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Refunds and cancellation requests:
Our support system does not handle refund or cancellation requests. As noted on our Plans page at the time of upgrade, all of our memberships are recurring subscriptions. If you were recently charged, this is because you have an active membership on your renewal date. Disabling automatic renewal after being charged does not warrant a refund. To disable automatic renewal of you membership, click here.

Unsubscribe requests:
Our support team does not handle notification unsubscribe requests. To unsubscribe from some or all of our notifications click here.

Deleting your account:
Members must delete their own accounts by logging in (reset password, if necessary) and visiting Settings > Delete account. To delete your account, click here.

Replies To Your Messages:
For all questions related to other members reading and replying to your messages on meetmindful, click here.

Bug Reports, Tech Support, or Flagging Other Profiles
To alert us about one of these issues, click here. We're a small team here and we typically reply within three to five business days. While you're here, our small team is made up of real humans who want to offer real help. We promise to be kind and patient and ask that you do the same. If you don't follow this community guideline, you risk being removed from MeetMindful at our discretion. We're all about fostering community here, this starts with positive communication.

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