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When Someone Disappears
When Someone Disappears
Did someone disappear for you?
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We know it can be confusing when someone disappears online.

If someone you saw on MeetMindful disappeared it may be because they closed their account (perhaps temporarily) or because their account is being reviewed by our community managers. As a precaution, accounts under review are hidden from the network.

They may be back—in the meantime, we recommend getting back out there and finding more matches :)

Use the Like button when you're interested in connecting with another member! We'll let them know you're interested and make sure they see your profile. If they Like you too, it's a connection! You can communicate with your connections on MeetMindful for free.

Everyone you Like is saved on your "My Likes" screen so you can easily find them later.

Use the Pass button when you're not interested in a profile. Our matchmaker uses your Like and Pass decisions to learn your preferences and show you more compatible profiles each day!

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